For hire services:

Waller Squared Media Productions, LLC is based on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and managed by Brian and Robert Waller. Our services include website design & content creation, multi-camera live streaming and videography and photography services for small businesses, special events and special occasions. From aerial photography, 4k videography to postproduction video and photo editing, we have the equipment and know-how to provide you with a quality product. 

Public Interest Reporting:

In addition to our for-hire services, we are also freelance investigative journalists. We find important stories, investigate and publish our findings.  Many of today’s local news outlets barely scratch the surface to get to the bottom of important regional issues.  We will tunnel to the center of the earth if that is what it takes to cover matters of public interest to the citizens of Delmarva and beyond. 

We are not a personal opinion driven blog.  We do not publish unsubstantiated claims.  Investigations conducted thoroughly, with integrity and high ethical standards is all that we do.

We believe that our local and state public institutions must be transparent, and that the public should be well informed in order to make informed decisions about matters of significance to our community. 

We also provide free photography, videography and livestreaming services to area not-for-profit events that support our community.  Our world is full of problems.  We pledge to do our part to work with our community towards solutions.



Who we are:

Robert “Robbie” Waller manages the “for hire” side of our business.  He serves as the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) pilot-in-charge for all of our aerial imaging operations. He is a skilled remote pilot with both fixed-wing and multi-rotor aircraft.  Robbie holds an FAA sUAS remote pilot certificate (#4163199)  He is the main camera operator for our live-streaming video services and our lead web designer. Robbie is a high school senior, member of the National Honor Society, an Eagle Scout and a recipient of the 4H Diamond Clover Award.  Robert Waller is young man who has already made quite a name for himself, and he is just getting started.


Brian Waller manages the journalism side of the operation.  He is the team’s investigative reporter, video editor, photographer and live-stream producer.  He is a member of the U.S. Press Association, (#802084975) as well as The Constitution First Amendment Press Association. Brian also holds an FAA sUAS remote pilot certificate (#4026933).  He is a retired police administrator. During his 24 year law-enforcement career, he specialized in firearms training and police use-of-force policies, mental health emergency assessments, crisis intervention, and emergency operational planning. Brian has successfully lead a number of complex criminal and administrative investigations, and he has developed a reputation for getting to the bottom of a story. 

Together, Robbie and Brian are: